Saam Acupuncture Meditation: The Complete Course

Saam Acupuncture Meditation The Complete Course. The Korean 4 Needle Harmonized Combinations for psycho-emotional spiritual equivalents of PTSD, Dr. Sarno's Unconscious Rage. To Dr. Richard Tan Balance Method application for Headaches.

Evan Mahoney
Evan Mahoney

Course Overview

Please Note: This course is presented in a reading-first format, where the teacher walks you through and explores a body of written work.


Saam Acupuncture Meditation incorporates Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud in understanding and treating the psychological, emotional, and spiritual self. Saam Acupuncture affords breakthroughs in relating to consciousness and unconsciousness as represented by PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), Dr. John Sarno’s ‘Unconscious Rage” (and hauntings), and the interpretation of Dreams, vis a vis Saam's Three Levels of Human Needs.


This class teaches Saam's Harmonized Combinations derived from the I Ching and its application using Dr. Richard Tan's Balance Method System, especially with the pic graphs used for headaches. Saam's Harmonized Combinations can be used with Tan's Balance Method system to treat any internal illness or pain area on the body.


Incorporate meditation with your treatments by having the patient meditate upon the tonification points of the Saam Point Prescriptions. With the Triangulation method, we bring the patient out of their mind while still being in the body. By meditation on the distant points of Saam, we can effectively stretch and move Qi, and provide a great and comfortable meditative treatment for the patient.


The Part 5 Posterboard section of the video offers excellent and clear diagrams of the methods for these conditions and more such as an outstanding "Overthinking" meditation.


This is not only for the patient but for the practitioner to experience through feeling Qi and meditating on the Saam Points.


  • Learn Saam Acupuncture's Harmonized Combinations.

  • Learn how to apply Saam's Harmonized Combinations for Headaches, using Dr. Tan's Balance Method.

  • Learn Saam's Three Levels of Human Needs.

  • Learn Interpretation of Dreams based on Saam's Three Levels of Human Needs.

  • Learn conscious (PTSD) vs. unconsciousness (Dr. John Sarno Unconscious Rage).


  • 0 hrs - 2 hrs

    Understand how to use meditation on the acupuncture points and the subjective feeling of Qi moving through the channels.

  • 2 hrs - 4 hrs

    Learn the Saam Acupuncture point prescriptions. Construction of the Harmonized Combinations, and Saam's Three Levels of Human Needs.

  • 4 hrs - 6 hrs

    Learn how to apply Saam's Harmonized Combinations for Headaches using Dr. Richard Tan's Balance Method System.

  • 6 hrs - 8 hrs

    Learn about the Interpretation of Dreams using Saam's Three Levels of Human Needs.

  • 8 hrs - 10 hrs

    Understand PTSD and Dr. John Sarno's Unconscious Rage as Consciousness vs. Unconsciousness. Learn how to use the Kidney/ San Jaio and Heart / Gall Bladder for these.


  • Khalil B. (Australia)

    Its a good course, to remember the basics of Chinese medicine, and adding more value to the knowledge with the Korean system. much appreciated.

  • Sang Eun K. (United States of America)

    This is my first time to expose to the Saam acupuncture and meditation course. It's little difficult to understand it. But it's one of good way to understand different view points of understanding the art of acupuncture and Oriental Medicine.


Evan Mahoney

Evan Mahoney is a Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. Author of the Saam Medical Meditation Book series and Korean Kinetic Acupuncture Trigger Point Acupuncture series.


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