The best of Dr Gunter Neeb: Unknotting Difficult Cases. (Sydney)

Sat 29 May 2010

Gunter Neeb PhD (China), MS, OMD is the author of "Blood Stasis – China’s classical concept in modern medicine" as well as many TCM articles.
He is a sought-after lecturer in Europe and an enthusiastic presenter.

Practical, clinicial strategies on Blood Stasis, Yin Fire and the Fire Spirit School…delivered in the engaging style of one of Chinese medicine’s most dynamic presenters.

Drawing on his own research in China and Wang Qing-Ren’s Yi Lin Gai Cuo from the Qing dynasty (which he fully translated in his book “Blood Stasis”) Gunter will discuss the implications and treatment of blood stasis, both from a Chinese and conventional perspective, spiced with a wealth of case histories. Since any area can be affected by the obstruction of blood, the clinical applications are widespread.
Gunter will also introduce us to the fascinating topic of the Fire Spirit (Huo Shen) school.

Gunter first met Wu Sheng-Yuan, the son of the famous Fire Spirit School protagonist Wu Pei-Heng (“Dr.Fu-Zi”) in 1994, which sparked his interest in the Fire School. Based on the classics with its principle of restoring yin by tonifying yang, the fire Spirit School has been particularly successful with those cases that orthodox practitioners had failed to crack. Gunter’s case studies are written with suspense and read like crime stories.
Many of the Fire School followers lived a long life (over 90 years of age), and were, of course, also Daoists. Gunter considers the teachings of the Fire Spirit School the greatest treasure he has come across within the last 20 years. The applications range from treating yin fire during menopause to chronic, difficult cases from any area of medicine.

When: Saturday 29 & Sunday 30 May, 9:30am - 5:30pm

Where: St John's College, Brennan Hall. Within University of Sydney: Missenden Road. Camperdown. Entry & parking via Parramatta Road Gate (opp. Larkin Street, near cnr Missenden Rd).

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