Workshop 2: The Lower Limb by David Legge (Melbourne)

Sun 12 Dec 2010

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Workshops 3 and 4 are:

3. The shoulder, neck and head
- Melbourne 20 Feb 2011
4. The upper limb and putting it all together in practice
– Melbourne T.B.A.

JingJin – Acupuncture treatment of the muscular system using the meridian sinews
This small and well illustrated book sets out the theory of the Jingjin and explores its possible role in the treatment of muscular disorder. The problematic traditional description of the pathways is discussed and a proposal for their re-examination is put forward. Finally the proposed pathways are described with many examples of their use in the treatment of specific problems.

About David Legge
David Legge has practised as an acupuncturist and osteopath for 30 years specialising in the treatment of painful musculo-skeletal conditions. He is the author of the popular text ‘Close to the Bone’ and has published the handbook ‘Acupuncture Points and Meridians’ and a set of Trigger Point Charts. He has taught widely in Australia, the US and Europe.
David has spent his working life exploring how to get the best from both a Chinese medicine and an anatomical perspective when treating musculoskeletal disorder. An important recent step was the recognition that the JingJin theory could be used to describe the approach to treating muscular disorder that he had slowly developed over years of practice. Unfortunately, the poor traditional descriptions of the pathways was a hindrance to effective use of the system in the clinic. This led to a re-examination of the pathways in light of contemporary knowledge of the structure & function of the muscular system.

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