Ki in Structure, Ki in Function, A Trip Around the Body Workshop By Carola Beresford-Cooke (for Students)

Mon 31 Jan 2011

About Carola Beresford-Cooke
Carola has been studying Shiatsu since 1978 and teaching since 1983. She has been a qualified acupuncturist since 1982. She is also conversant with the use of essential oils, herbs and basic homoeopathy as well as the Bach Flower Remedies. She originally trained in beauty therapy and massage in 1975 at the London College of Fashion and has been working with massage ever since. She taught her own "meridian massage" style from 1994 to 1998 at the London School of Aromatherapy and continued to teach it from 2000 to 2004 at the Clare Maxwell-Hudson School of Massage. She presented a Thames Television six-part series on Massage in 1986. She has written and co-written several books on Shiatsu and massage; titles include "The Book of Massage" (shiatsu section) (1984) "Massage for Healing and Relaxation" (1986) "Acupressure" (1995) "Your Body's Energy" (aromatherapy section) (1997) and "Shiatsu Theory and Practice" - 1st edition 1996, 2nd edition 2004. Before retiring to Llangrannog to run Shiatsu-Wales, Carola taught frequent courses in Shiatsu throughout Europe and occasionally in the USA. She is a co-founder of the Shiatsu College UK, where she taught for over 20 years.

Venue: Australian Shiatsu College, 103 Evans Street, Brunswick 3056, Melbourne

Date Monday 31st January - Tuesday 1st February 2011

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Australian Shiatsu College
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