Tibetan Acupressure System with Rae Hatherton (Sydney)

Fri 25 Feb 2011

The Tibetan Acupressure System (TAS) is an ancient system of reflexive pressure point healing which accesses the body’s natural corrective energies in order to bring it to balance. The system is non-invasive, profound and
especially efficient at eliminating pain and restoring a sense of well-being.
The TAS works with the entire body and all its physical and energetic systems to rebalance subtle energies, relax and rejuvenate the body, mind & spirit. The flow of energy corrects ailments, alleviates and releases tension and stress.


> The training is a practicum – hands-on learning for a large percentage of the course time
> We ask that you be well rested, eat wisely and stretch often during the days you are at the course
> There will be a break for lunch and resting each day
> A complete manual with diagrams, handouts and an outline of the treatment order is included with the cost of the course
> The TAS CD used as a part of the instruction and delivery of the system is included
It is advised that potential students experience a ‘classical’ Tibetan Acupressure treatment with instructor Rae Hatherton prior to attending the class. The instructor will come into town in advance for this purpose.

Rae Hatherton, ND, C.M.T. (USA), C.M.I., C.Ht, is a master healer and teacher whose practice centres on Tibetan Energy Medicine, an ancient healing tradition. Her approach combines knowledge passed on to her by teachers of many different models of work into one coherent system to balance the body/mind:
> to address conditions which cannot be explained by conventional medical theories or
> to refine the balance and direction in their lives
> to deal with chronic conditions such as cancer and auto-immune diseases

Her powerful intuition, expertise and credentials in a wide range of healing traditions enable her to custom build an approach that succeeds where conventional treatments may have failed.

Medical practitioners are drawn to Rae as a teacher to learn to seamlessly integrate intuition and Buddhist principles into their existing paradigms of healing.

Rae practices in Toronto, Canada, incorporating healing modalities with Buddhist principles to balance the body and mind. She has been leading seminars and developing systems in body-mind medicine internationally for over 25 years

Early Bird
AACMA/ANTA/ATMS member.......$498

Regular Fee:
AACMA/ANTA member.......$598

TIMES: 9.30am-5.30pm
DATES: 25-26-27 February 2011
VENUE: SITCM, Level 5, 545 Kent St, Sydney, 2000.

For more information and bookings contact
Shop F7, Level 1, Citymark Building
683-389 George St, Sydney NSW 2000
Phone: (02) 9280 1885
Fax: (02) 9280 1887
Email: info@chinabookssydney.com.au

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