Five Element Acupuncture Introduction Seminars (Melbourne)

Sat 22 Aug 2009

Presented by: Gye Bennetts

Brisbane: August 8th and 9th 2009
Australian Institue of Applied Science - Stones Corner

Melbourne: August 22nd and 23rd 2009
Endeavour College of Natural Medicine - City

Sydney: September 12th and 13th 2009
Sydney Institue of Traditional Chinese Medicine - Haymarket

Each day runs from 9am to 5pm.

Cost: $360 (GST Inc) $280 for full time students, $180 for re-takes. The first day is open to non-Chinese medicine practitioners.

As modern TCM in China moves towards integration with western medical thought, some practitioners yearn for a deeper connection with this beautiful and ancient medicine that we practice. Classical 5 Element Acupuncture with its emphasis on spirit and emotional healing leads the practitioner to a deeper understanding of the concepts contained in Taoist and Classical Acupuncture styles. This weekend is about development of the self and the beginning of that journey within.

This workshop will be an exciting mix of theory and practical exercises where you will be introduced to the 5 Elements at a personal level and learn to touch your clients at the level of emotion and spirit as well as the physical.

In the workshop we will be introduced to each of the elemental personality types and gain the skills to have a better connection with each of our patients in the treatment room.

Learn to treat our patients at the level of the Shen, Po, Yi, Hun and Zhi healing more than their physical symptoms.

Examine the blocks to treatment not currently taught in modern TCM, from the superficial to some of the oldest shamanistic ideas in Chinese Medicine.

Learn how we can use acupuncture to emotionally support our clients through the many stress related diseases we see in our daily practice.

Revisit the ancient skills of Listening, Looking and Asking, letting nature and the 5 seasons teach us about our patients.

Be introduced to the “Spirit of the Points”, where the ancient acupuncture point names will come alive in our own clinical practice.

Gye Bennetts
Lic. Ac. (U.K.) M.B.Ac.C. ATMS
Gye is a Five Element Acupuncturist who has been in full time practice for over 12 years. He trained under Professor J.R. Worsley in the U.K. and has run clinics in London, Brussels and Sydney. He brings 22 years of experience and passion for personal development and a deep understanding of the spiritual and emotional side of Chinese Medicine.

go to the website; www.5element.com.au/coursesor if you have any questions contact Gye: e-mail: courses@5element.com.au or phone +61 (0)2 9440 4194

To reserve your place on this seminar please send your name, address, e-mail and phone number with a $100 deposit cheque or credit card to:
5 Element Acupuncture; 39B Pentecost Avenue Pymble NSW 2073 Australia. Receipt and further details will be sent by return mail.

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