Practical Paediatrics (foundation) with Helen Gordon (Melbourne)

Sat 10 Jul 2010

When: 10th and 11th July

Where: Australian Shiatsu College

This foundation seminar will form the basis for a series of teachings on the major organ systems. In it Helen will define the three underlying patterns which are contributory factors in the most clinical cases and must be treated along with the presenting problems to ensure a complete return to health:

Accumulation Disorder
When the digestive system is overloaded or overworked

Qi Xu
spleen and kidney deficiency, including its hyperactive form

Lingering Pathogenic Factor
becoming more and more common as children are given more medications, e.g. antibiotics, vaccines and corticosteroids.
Topics of the difference between diagnosing adults and children and important practical implications of treating children with both acupuncture and Chinese herbs, are essential and will be addressed throughout the teaching.

This seminar is relevant for:
> TCM practitioners who are practicing paediatrics or would like to become more proficient in paediatrics

> 3rd or 4th year students of TCM who are interested in paediatrics

About Helen Gordon
Helen has been in busy family practice for 20 years. Prior to her TCM training in Australia and China, she worked as a nurse and midwife in Sydney hospitals.
From a wealth of first hand experience Helen demonstrates diagnosis, the principle of treatment and practical application of TCM paediatrics in a direct and precise way. In particular, this seminar will show how the TCM view can be translated into action that accommodates a Western medicine environment.
Her ability to express the deep respect and awe for the art she practices so well inspires even seasoned practitioners to remember the magical aspect of practicing TCM

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