IGCSE Chinese as a First Language 夺标 - GCSE 中文(第一语言)课程写作能力训练

FUNG Vivienne [Other titles by this author]

ISBN: 9787513816281

Sinolingua 2018

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 IGCSE Chinese as a First Language (A Course Design Guide to Chinese Language Acquisition in IB MYP (Phases 1-2))

Learners of the IGCSE Chinese language course who have nearly reached the language level of native Chinese speakers still find writing to be their weakest area. This book aims to ensure that Chinese passages written by these learners are up to course requirements while in a non-native language environment. This book provides detailed analysis of Chinese passages written based on the course requirements as well as their corresponding mind maps. In this way, students can develop a better understanding of the structures and writing approaches for summaries, argumentation, narration and exposition so as to find more effective ways to improve their Chinese writing level.
这是一本国际学校中文科目考生的必备复习资料,本书详细讲解了如何选择写作题目、如何审题、 以及如何写好写作大纲、如何构思好文章等学生经常遇到的问题。

Chinese Textbooks; IB Courses and Testing; Chinese Writing

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