The Foundations of Balance Acupuncture: A Clinical Reference Manual

TAN Sonia F [Other titles by this author]

ISBN: 9781736161401

Sonia F Tan Inc 2020 1st Edition

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 The Foundations of Balance Acupuncture: (The Foundations of Balance Acupuncture)

This book is everything you need to know and more to get started with Balance Acupuncture, from its history and origins, to practical theory. The detailed illustrations and case studies allow the practitioner to begin utilising this powerful system from the get-go. This easy-to-understand manual is filled with informational gems, a must-have for anyone interested in learning about Balance Acupuncture, or as a valuable reference for any Balance Acupuncture practitioner.

In addition to providing a brief history of Balance Acupuncture, Sonia F. Tan, DAOM, R.Ac., R.TCM.P., expands on the knowledge of her own mentors and integrates her wealth of clinical experience and research to pass on her unique perspective.

For first-time learners of Balance Acupuncture, it may seem like an overwhelming amount of information since it is not widely taught in Acupuncture schools. This book breaks that information down with short explanations and easy-to-interpret diagrams. In addition, the clinical case studies help solidify the reader’s understanding of each system.

Dr. Tan also provides memorable shortcuts to the more complex parts of the different systems, making this an ideal clinical reference for an acupuncturist familiar with the basic foundations of Balance Acupuncture. Hints of the author’s own personality are apparent and enhance the readability of the text. Experience both the author’s enthusiasm for Acupuncture and teaching in each and every chapter, with this concise and easy-to-use guide.

“The late Dr Richard Tan used to say that he wanted his students to take his teachings past the mental level and into their heart. Sonia Tan has clearly done so and fully embodies the knowledge of The Balance Method. She is a gifted teacher that can lead her students from the beginning to advanced stages of learning in this wonderful art”. - - John Maxwell, Certified Gold Level Practitioner and one of the “First Sixteen” of Dr Richard Teh-Fu Tan, OMD, LAc.


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