Integrative Treatment of Male Infertility with Chinese Medicine

POJER Olivia, Contributions by WEBER Michael and MACISAAC Kali [Other titles by this author]

ISBN: 9781787757325

Singing Dragon 2023 1st Edition

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 Integrative Treatment of Male Infertility with Chi (The Definitive Guide to Acupuncture Points:)

The first book to take an integrative approach to the treatment of male infertility issues, this easily digestible guide uses graphics and visual aids to help explain key concepts in diagnosis, anatomy and treatment from a Western and Chinese medicine perspective.

Dr Olivia Pojer, a Western medical doctor and Chinese medicine practitioner, uses a dual approach to the largely unexplored treatment of male infertility. The book covers common causes of the topic, the microbiome of the testes, and how to encourage better sperm production.

It also includes chapters on nutraceuticals and laser therapy, as well as herbal formulas and acupuncture protocols to implement in clinical practice, along with Chinese medical lifestyle and nutrition. Addressing the so-called male factor in reproduction and its underrepresentation in treatment, this book provides a complete overview for acupuncturists and Chinese medicine practitioners treating male infertility issues.

Table of Contents/
1. Western Medicine Anatomy and Physiology of the Male Reproductive Organs.

2. On Sperm Cells Anatomy and Function.

3. Oxidative Stress and its Role in Male Infertility.

4. Enhancing Sperm Quality with Nutraceuticals.

5. Epigenetics.

6.1. Causes of Male Fertility Part 1.

6.2. Causes of Male Fertility Part 2: Environmental Causes.

7. Diagnosis of Male Infertility - The Basics.

8. A Deeper Look Inside.

9. Chinese Medicine Anatomy of the Male Genital Area.

10. Causes of Disease and Pathomechanism.

11. The Most Important Organs in Chinese Medicine Andrology.

12. Channels that Significantly Influence the Male Sexual Organs.

13. The Short Guide.

14. Pattern Differentiation.

15. Treatment Options from the Chinese Medicine 'Bag of Tricks' - Acupuncture.

16. Treatment Options from the Chinese Medicine 'Bag of Tricks' - Herbs.

17. Evidence - Or: How Sexy Can Research Be?

18. Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) and Mitochondrial Medicine in Male Reproductive Medicine.

About The Author/
Dr Oliva Pojer is both a Western medical doctor and a Chinese medicine practitioner. She is based in Austria and is a rising star as an international speaker on TCM andrology and fertility. She also runs the Austrian TAO TCM Congress international conference, now in its 17th year. She is professor for acupuncture at the medical university of Graz, Austria and as a practitioner she specializes in fertility.


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