Acupuncture Meditations and I Ching Transformations

KAATZ Debra [Other titles by this author]

ISBN: 9780957030176

The Petite Bergerie Press 2023 1st Edition

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 Acupuncture Meditations and I Ching Transformation (Acupuncture Meditations and I Ching Transformations)

This book not only describes the acupuncture points and the I Ching transformations but in addition gives a meditation to help feel the energy. It will give an understanding of how to use both the acupuncture points and the I Ching hexagrams. By using these meditation you will find your life filled with happiness, health, joy and vitality. Meditation helps us to engage with the world and open to all its potentials. Enjoy exploring this magical world.

In meditation it is good to remain in the vastness
Alert,lucid peaceful and calm
Let your gaze encompass the infinity of the sky above
Feel as though you are seated on the summit of a mountain open to all horizons
Simply be

407 pp

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